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This is a supplement for We Are But Weapons, a tabletop wargame that does not exist. Outcast Armies was created for #SequelJam on itch.io, ran by myself over the course of November 2019. The goal of this jam was to create a sequel or supplement to a game that doesn’t exist. Thus, this is a supplement for that fictional wargame about warring factions in a fantasy world.


In the war for Vianus, the two factions of the Mordaunt Empire and the Vantress Alliance would have the people believe that all the fighting is done by their best and brightest. Not all that are sent to war fit this description for one reason or another. Some are unproven in the field, some are renegades, and some use unlawful techniques. Included in this book are four such armies; two for each faction in the war. As a commander in this war, we hope that you can lead them to success and recognition among their peers. 

The first supplement for We Are But Weapons features two new armies for both sides of the conflict, and adds to the history of the world with new insights into how they came to be. With armies suited for total beginners, tactical masterminds, and everyone in between, there's never been a better time to get into the battle.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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This is goddamn great. Simple, elegant, perfect for the jam, and makes me want to play the original game desperately.